About the girls


Muna Rodriguez, Race Director/Queen of Everything

Muna has been in running for almost 20 years.  A group fitness instructor, personal trainer, accountant, and race director...oh and mommy to Amelia, she stays busy with all of these fun things in her life.  Running is her sport and she tolerates the swim for the sake of multisport. She loves to use her bullhorn and She's been known to throw a few hills in a course too just for fun! 

Muna has completed 3 Full Ironman races along with almost 20 Half distances triathlons.  She will also complete her 20th Full marathon this year! With her plethora of medals on her rack she definitely has the experience to know what it takes to make PBR events ALL ABOUT YOU.  


Jamie Neill, Timing Director/Swim Course Expert

Jamie is the lover of all creatures, tolerator of humans.  She is a marathon swimmer who throws in a bike and run every so often.  You can often catch her camping in fun places and exploring with her pups and family.  

Jamie herself has competed in two full distance ironman races, a few halfs, 10-ish marathons and what she feels is her biggest accomplishment "Swim the Suck". This was an 11 mile swim that she completed in 2017!

  She can appreciate both sides of the timing chip and works super hard to produce perfect results for YOU!


Jennifer Billingsley, Admin Director/QA

Jennifer has been in the running world since she was "convinced" by Muna to start running.  She has done a few half marathons and one triathlon since then along with a few 5k's here and there.  She is a mom, a quality control for IT, and is a beast at organizing our crazy registrations! When not around races, she likes to travel with her mom and hang out with her son.